Nested web development is a technique where web developer is aided by SEO, PPC and CRO expert to develop search engine friendly, PPC ready and Conversion optimized website right from the beginning.


It sounds big, right? Yes, it is and it will cost you a good amount of extra money. But trust me if you are developing a website, you are developing it for a reason. Ultimately, you’ll go for SEO or PPC or both to get more visitors, to sell things, to become successful online and at the end you’ll look for a CRO expert to help you increase conversion rate because at this stage you find out that your visitors are not converting.


But if you adopt Nested approach right from the beginning, you’ll be in safe hands. It will decrease your chances of failure. Your website will rank higher in SERPs faster than you thought of, due to perfect structuring and landing pages you’ll pay less for each click you are buying through PPC, and your website visitors will convert at highest possible rate.


Let me explain the each role individually so you better understand their importance.


Role of SEO in Web Development


SEO User ExperienceSEO expert is the first one you should hire even before hiring a web developer because there is some pre-development stuff involved in each new website and only SEO expert can help here. Do you know where should you NOT use JavaScript and how Google sees the use of flash on the website? No? Then hire a SEO expert. SEO expert is not just a link builder but a bridge between a website and search engines.



Pros: Here is how a SEO expert can save you from a disaster every other website is facing due to no input from SEO experts during web development process.


  • Targeted keywords for each landing page
  • Unique and SEO optimized meta titles and descriptions
  • SEO optimized content
  • Proper use of redirects
  • SEO friendly site structuring
  • Internal linking
  • External linking
  • Avoid keyword cannibalization
  • Avoid broken links
  • Avoid duplicate content
  • SEO friendly permalinks
  • Site speed optimization
  • Proper use of images and ALT tags
  • Prevent search engines to index unnecessary or private pages
  • Proper use of structured data
  • Mobile friendly and responsiveness suggestions


And there are plenty of other ways a SEO can help you to make your website SERPs butter. If you want to reach more, here is a good article on Technical SEO for web developers


Cons: If you consult average SEO experts, they can ruin everything before it came into existence. They can violate Google’s policies, make your website looks spam or completely ignore the human factor while optimizing for search engines only.


Role of PPC in Web Development


Here comes the smartest and most neglected part of web development process. No one even consider them for their input during the web development but folks if you have never worked in PPC vertical you have no idea what magic they can do to your website.


Let me tell you some awesome stuff no one knows better than the PPC experts and if they have already worked in your industry, it’s your lucky day.


Advanced Keywords Research


Good SEO experts are good keywords researchers too but PPC experts take a lead here because no matter how good SEO is, they always take help from keywords research tools. And those tools dictate them the understanding of your industry.


While on the other hand PPC experts get to know your industry directly from the actual users who have typed some query into Google to find a similar business. PPC experts play with some real time stuff, they know the deepest secrets of your industry and what these deepest secrets called? We know them by the name of “Long Tail Keywords”, wait here, long tail keywords are not the ones you find through some keyword research tools which are three and four words longs and very specific to the product or service you are selling.


According to Moz


“This means if you had a monopoly over the top 1,000 search terms across all search engines (which is impossible), you’d still be missing out on 89.4% of all search traffic. There’s so much traffic in the tail it is hard to even comprehend. To illustrate, if search were represented by a tiny lizard with a one-inch head, the tail of that lizard would stretch for 221 miles.”


Long Tail Keywords Percentage


It’s pretty old data but still reflects the search behavior. It means our own defined “long tail keywords” fall under top 1000 KWs or small % of them would be into top 10,000. What about the actual 80% + Long Tail keywords? What are these and who knows about them?


You guessed it right — PPC experts. I am not saying they know them all but what they know is more than all.


For future reference, let’s name the actual Long Tail keywords. As we all know that long tail keywords is well defined and popular terminology so we leave it in its current state and define a new name for the actual long tail keywords. Let’s call them “Paid Tail Keywords” because if you want to get hold of them, you have to pay — to search engines.


AdWords provide data for actual search terms typed by visitors to see your ad reach to your landing page. It gives PPC expert an extensive look at the market needs and search behavior in the specific industry. Based on this data, PPC experts reshape their keywords strategy, create landing pages if required and readjust the content to address the needs of the visitors. Here is how the “Paid Tail Keywords” look like…


Lunch Box Keywords


No keywords research tool ever give such data, only PPC experts know about them and only they can take your landing pages and content to the next level.


Optimized Landing Pages


PPC experts are very concerned about two things – First, conversion rate and second is keywords quality score so it leads them to put some extra effort in landing page creation.


SEO experts are more of a believers that…


“Let’s build a landing page for a theme of keywords, optimize for one major keyword, rest of the keywords will follow”


On the other hand, PPC experts believe in…


“Let’s divide the theme of the keywords into sub-groups and build a landing pages for each of them”


It give them definitive edge over other websites not developed by taking this nested approach. Search engines loves these website because they answers the search query very specifically and very detailed. Visitors find it very specific to what they were looking for and the business owner gets the best conversion rate. PPC expert gets the maximum quality score in AdWords thus the business owner pays less for each click, eventually cost/conversion decreases significantly.


Brad Gaddes, world’s finest PPC expert said about landing pages in an article on Unbounce


“If a good #PPC account isn’t converting, in 99% of cases the landing page is the problem.”




Only PPC and CRO experts will suggest to have proper tracking installed on the website and not just one but they’ll suggest to have multiple different conversion actions like sale, signup forms, newsletter subscriptions, whitepaper or eBook downloads etc. so the business owner gets the conversion one way or another.


SEO experts are mostly concerned about the rankings. They have nothing to do with the conversion rate or how much business you are generating at what cost. There are few exceptions for sure, many great SEO experts are out there who take very special care of these things but generally speaking it is not into their job description to increase website conversion rate or track what is happening there.


PPC experts take care of such stuff because they know that they’ll have to answer the business owner about results very next day after starting paid campaign.


Pros: There are many important factors in which only PPC experts can help you especially during the web development process.


  • Paid Tail Keywords
  • Advanced Site Structuring
  • Untapped Landing Pages
  • Call to Actions
  • Landing Page Designs
  • Tracking


Cons: There are some considerations too when you take PPC experts on board. If PPC experts are not experienced enough, they will create too many identical landing pages to improve QS and conversion rate but won’t consider the SEO constraints. PPC experts must know when to use ‘noindex’ and when ‘canonical’ will do the job.


Role of CRO in Web Development


Conversion rate optimization or CRO experts play critical role in your online success. You have team of SEO and PPC experts. Your website is ranking higher on first page, PPC expert is sending laser targeted traffic and you are getting conversions within your maximum CPA budget, wow, what an ideal situation!


Now imagine a scenario, you are getting 500 leads a month at $10/lead and you are very satisfied with the results but do you even have an idea that you can get the same lead for $5? Or are you sure you truly calculated your cost/conversion?  No, you don’t unless you bring the CRO expert on board.


If you put this question in front of your SEO and PPC experts, most probably they’ll respond like this…


SEO Expert: I can try to rank for other keywords which will take extra time and investment. Not sure if cost/conversion will down to $5 even then.


PPC Expert: I can try, I’ll add more negatives, will do tests on different ad copies and hopefully we’ll see some decrease. By putting some extra effort he may bring cost/conversion down to $8 or even $7 but $5 is still a question mark.


And if there is a CRO expert around you, his response will be like this…


CRO Expert: No problem, let me have a detailed look at your Analytics, let me create some custom segments to better understand the visitor’s behavior. I’ll have to analyze your website conversion rates for mobiles & desktops, will look at how well your website performs in different browsers, what is the conversion rate in Apple, Samsung and other devices, what versions of Firefox, Chrome, and IE are not converting well. Which screen sizes are problematic? Also need to have a look at different operating systems.


I’ll have test your conversion funnels, form fields. I’ll run split a/b testing on most visited landing pages and yes of course we can achieve your desired conversion rate in next few weeks.


See the difference? What if you want to increase your number of conversions to 1000 a month instead of 500 so either you double up your advertising budget or you ask CRO expert to increase your conversion rate so he doubles your conversion within the same budget, your choice.


Pros: During the web development process, CRO experts can give their best judgements into…


  • Landing page designs
  • Location/message of images
  • Call to Actions
  • CTA buttons and colors
  • Steps into conversion funnel
  • Calculating initial CPA
  • Setting up Analytics and advanced reporting
  • Signup form fields


Cons: I thought a lot about it but haven’t find a single concern about CRO experts. They speak with stats and don’t play with anything unless they have winner in hand.


In short CRO experts are the most peaceful nation on this digital planet.


Key Takeaways


During web development…


  • SEO, PPC and CRO experts aren’t additional expenses but a long term savings
  • SEO experts can help with Keywords selection and search engine friendly website
  • PPC experts can help develop a landing pages to save big on PPC spend
  • CRO experts can help develop a website with maximum conversion rate


After web development…


  • Nested websites will rank higher in search engines in less time
  • Visitors will convert at highest conversion rate
  • Cost per click will be relatively less in PPC
  • Less marketing efforts
  • Less advertising spend


Team Up SEO, PPC & CRO Experts


Should you have all three together at the same time or take an input one by one? Well, I suggest, take them on board all together so they can hear to each others concern and address them accordingly and also brain storming sessions will produce something extra ordinary.


That’s all folks, let me know in comments what do you think about the Nested Technique?

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