A lot has been published about most expensive keywords over time but there is a problem with those CPCs, these are average rates. Let me explain, “free online auto insurance quote” keyword will cost you approximately $75.01/click if you are targeting United States.


Free Online Auto Insurance Quote US


While the same keywords when clicked from Alabama will cost you whopping $344.06/click.


Free Online Auto Insurance Quote Alabama


Most Expensive Keywords Analysis


CPCs varies from state to state, also those studies published by different reputable brands cover the most expensive keywords from different industries and put them together at one place like this infographic by WebPageFX or this one by AdGooroo.


These are very helpful to get a good insight about the current trends in PPC marketing and help us to explore further based on those stats. However, those CPCs are not very accurate if we want to use them as a benchmark especially by WebPageFX and there is a reason.


Keywords By WebPageFX


In their Infographic they published “San Antonio Car Wreck Attorney” as most expensive keyword with $670.40 CPC and they get the keywords data from SEMrush. I searched for the same keyword in Google Keyword Planner and found that it has CPC of $71.78 in United States.


San Antonio Car Wreck Attorney


There is a huge difference. I am sure the data provided by SEMrush is accurate but there must be a physical location attached to this keyword which wasn’t taken into consideration. The $600+ CPC must be from a specific state or a city just like I mentioned about “free online auto insurance quote” keyword above which has significant difference in CPC from country to state.


Keywords By AdGooroo


On the other hand, study published by AdGooroo showing “mesothelioma attorneys tx” as most expensive keyword.


Most Expensive CPC AdGooroo


And when I searched for this keyword in Keyword Planner, CPC is close to what was suggested by AdGooroo.


Mesothelioma Attorneys TX


So this study is more accurate in my point of view which actually shows the most expensive keywords regardless of their locations within the United States which mean every click on these keywords will cost advertisers with approximately same amount, give or take few bucks. While on the other hand, most expensive keyword in WebPageFX infographic may cost you $640+ per click if clicked from specific location otherwise its way below.


Moreover, when I searched for mesothelioma keywords, I found out that these keywords perhaps the most expensive I have ever seen in my life which further support the data provided by AdGooroo, mesothelioma attorneys are most expensive niche online not car wreck attorneys.


Chicago Mesothelioma Lawyer


The most expensive keyword is “Chicago mesothelioma lawyer” with CPC over $1135. Click To Tweet


Schoked GIF

(Image courtesy of Gifrific)

I am not even sure if this is most expensive keyword or not but I haven’t seen any amount near to this one yet.


This was the reason I tried to find the location specific CPC for keywords. For a starter, I picked up Insurance industry to look one by one in each state and it opened a whole new world to me.


Insurance Industry Worth in United States


Insurance industry in United States worth $1.1 trillion in 2014 and considered as a one of the biggest industries online with very high cost per click rates. If we further narrow down this industry, we find that Life/Health is at 56% and Property/Causality insurers are 44% with recorded premiums. There are more than 6100 insurance companies in US.


Insurance Stats in US


So the revenue involved in this industry and large number of companies competing against each other online and offline gives us a good idea why insurance keywords are so expensive.


According to marketing charts the cost per lead stood at $53.58 for paid search which is again a signal to invest heavy in cost/click especially in the industries where ROI is extremely high. Financial/Insurance companies spent 10% of their total revenue on digital marketing.


Cost Per Lead in US


Keyword Research Methodology


I have spent months researching on insurance keywords, went through hundreds of thousands of keywords during time. I can tell you one thing; keyword research is not what is commonly practiced all around the world in which you use a word like “insurance”, “cars for sale” etc. in Google keyword planner or other keywords research tools and get solid results. You have to dig deeper even more deeper to find what you are looking for either they are long tail or most expensive keywords in this case.


Keyword research tools don’t provide you most expensive keywords in one shot. You have to categorized your initial keywords file and split them into smaller categories and then start the whole process again with each of category and may have to create sub categories out of each and then repeat the process once again.


When I first downloaded the initial insurance keywords file, I got approximately 800 keywords and I thought, that’ it, it’s just a matter of hours but I were dead wrong, keywords expanded to over 10,000 and it took my months to organize them and I am still not finished yet.


Moreover, I figured out that each state have different stats and CPCs which increased my work load by 51 times and one more thing I noticed that people search those keywords with state name and even city name too. This was the time when I put hold to the research because it was never ending and I had to do other stuff too.


That’s how I reached to the point where I decided to produce this map which visualize most expensive keywords in each state and give us another view of keywords, their CPCs, and search behaviors.


Map of Most Expensive Insurance Keywords in Each US State


Here you go, this map will show you which keyword is most expensive in each state.


Most Expensive Insurance Keywords(Click to view larger image)


Key Findings


Here are some interesting facts and figure you may like to know…


  • 100% expensive keywords belong to Automotive industry
  • 56% keywords contain a word ‘Car’
  • 44% keywords contain a word ‘Auto’
  • 56% keywords contain a word ‘Quote’
  • 92% states have CPC over $100 for most expensive keyword


States with Highest CPC


  • Over $300


Massachusetts: “insurance quotes car online free” – $350.81

Alabama: “free online auto insurance quote” – $344.06

Nevada: “get an auto insurance quote” – $336.23


  • Over $200


West Virginia: “online quotes for auto insurance” – $299.79

California: “local auto insurance companies” – $271.24

Mississippi: “car insurance quotes online free” – $261.21

Ohio: “low car insurance quotes” – $244.20

Missouri: “get auto insurance” – $239.86

Tennessee: “insurance auto quotes” – $238.80

Vermont: “online quotes for auto insurance” – $228.34

Georgia: “free quotes for car insurance” – $220.24

Nebraska: “cheap car insurance quotes online” – $201.26


States with Lowest CPCs


South Dakota: “auto insurance quotes online” – $98.33

Michigan: “automotive insurance quotes” – $97.64

North Dakota: “vintage car insurance” – $86.06

Rhode Island: “home and auto insurance quotes” – $79.38


Other Expensive Keywords with Bid over $100 in Each State


free online auto insurance quote$344.06
low car insurance rates$130.62
insurance car quote$124.95
insurance auto$122.24
comprehensive auto insurance$122.20
insurance car$117.43
classic auto insurance$109.83
free auto insurance quotes$105.99
low auto insurance$104.18
cheap car insurance for young drivers$179.14
insurance quotes for cars$159.78
car insurance online quote$137.95
insurance car quote$135.62
auto insurance company ratings$131.39
car insurance free quote$129.03
all auto insurance$126.80
top auto insurance companies$124.11
florida auto insurance$123.49
low rate car insurance$111.39
vehicle insurance quotes$110.17
online car insurance quotes$107.22
auto car insurance$106.21
auto insurance estimate$106.15
auto quote insurance$102.47
quick car insurance quote$100.07
online quotes for auto insurance$149.73
purchase auto insurance online$148.34
auto insurance rate quotes$133.66
quote car insurance online$131.11
quotes for auto insurance$101.03
lowest car insurance rates$184.66
free car insurance quotes$156.26
low cost auto insurance quotes$137.15
insurance comparison$126.88
low car insurance$108.15
free online car insurance quotes$112.30
car insurance free quote$100.53
local auto insurance companies$271.24
car insurance provider$147.92
auto and car insurance$106.07
motor vehicle insurance$100.88
free online car insurance quotes$133.90
online quotes for auto insurance$130.83
instant auto insurance quote$128.62
best car insurance rates$123.19
get auto insurance quote$116.18
sr22 car insurance$115.85
auto free insurance quote$111.37
car insurance california$101.81
online insurance quotes auto$100.18
all car insurance quotes$179.58
auto insurance online$172.42
online insurance quotes auto$149.35
quick auto insurance quotes$143.05
insurance quotes auto$135.83
florida auto insurance$124.28
get a car insurance quote$119.19
car insurance price quote$117.82
online car insurance quotes$116.59
online auto insurance quotes$114.78
get auto insurance quote$113.75
car insurance quotes comparison$109.68
get an auto insurance quote$103.55
online car insurance$109.32
the cheapest car insurance$108.05
best car insurance companies$100.00
free quotes for car insurance$220.24
quote car insurance$145.65
online quotes for car insurance$133.45
new car insurance$128.51
auto insurance online quotes$126.56
vehicle insurance companies$115.16
quick car insurance quote$113.60
buying auto insurance$106.53
car insurance cheap quotes$103.04
local auto insurance companies$101.72
quote for car insurance$174.93
quotes for auto insurance$144.69
cheap auto insurance companies$143.56
find insurance$135.34
find car insurance$114.57
compare car insurance rates$172.02
insurance car insurance$132.61
auto quote insurance$130.49
car insurance for teens$127.56
compare car insurance quotes$121.56
california car insurance$117.40
insurance quotes car$116.80
insurance car quote$109.80
compare auto insurance$107.42
online car insurance quotes$100.14
online auto insurance quotes$100.03
get auto insurance online$163.93
get car insurance quotes online$131.67
insurance car companies$112.10
direct car insurance$111.83
car insurance quotes free$104.14
teen auto insurance$103.64
sr22 car insurance$148.56
cheap car insurance for young drivers$118.65
auto insurance policies$118.12
auto insurance estimate$110.89
insurance car quote$108.30
insurance online quote$103.66
low rate car insurance$153.60
auto insurance rates$108.99
instant auto insurance quote$104.95
quotes on auto insurance$184.04
low car insurance quotes$128.72
insurance quotes for cars$171.42
automotive insurance quotes$137.62
find car insurance$123.04
free insurance quotes online$109.88
sports car insurance$101.54
auto insurance rates$100.88
free car insurance$124.92
california auto insurance$109.26
auto insurance online quotes$109.09
insurance for car$144.92
get car insurance online$132.22
high risk auto insurance$118.89
auto owners insurance$114.81
get auto insurance$110.45
free car insurance quotes online$109.76
affordable car insurance$102.54
auto insurance quotes online$101.54
insurance auto$179.98
car insurance coverage$134.83
get car insurance online$114.18
automotive insurance quotes$105.94
insurance quotes car online free$350.81
low cost insurance$313.55
affordable insurance$204.46
auto liability insurance$148.43
free quote auto insurance$144.55
car insurance quotes cheap$141.47
car insurance cheap quotes$119.22
instant car insurance quote$116.82
insurance auto quotes$111.95
instant car insurance$103.76
automotive insurance quotes$97.64
get an auto insurance quote$72.24
discount auto insurance quotes$67.38
low car insurance rates$197.52
free quotes for car insurance$107.17
car insurance quotes online free$261.21
auto insurance estimate$148.28
instant car insurance quote$128.76
get auto insurance online$127.69
get auto insurance$239.86
free online car insurance quotes$154.00
buy car insurance online$136.70
auto quote insurance$122.79
texas auto insurance$121.90
get auto insurance quote$121.12
get a quote on car insurance$118.71
get quote on car insurance$117.65
instant auto insurance quote$116.19
car insurance cost$112.29
quote auto insurance$102.98
insurance auto$193.41
insurance vehicle$112.34
cheap car insurance quotes online$201.26
vehicle insurance quotes$139.50
get an insurance quote online$127.08
insurance quotes auto$122.78
insurance quotes for cars$117.46
top auto insurance companies$117.20
car insurance quotes comparison$115.65
quotes on car insurance$110.75
commercial vehicle insurance$105.06
auto insurance reviews$100.48
get an auto insurance quote$336.23
low car insurance rates$105.02
New Hampshire
free online auto insurance quote$156.37
insurance car quote$143.98
online auto insurance$133.56
insurance quotes online free$118.85
as car insurance$117.31
car insurance quotes free$106.58
quotes for auto insurance$101.04
New Jersey
car insurance agencies$166.47
get an auto insurance quote$147.27
free auto insurance quotes online$133.13
california auto insurance$128.77
car insurance online quote$124.32
online insurance quotes auto$124.06
buy auto insurance online$122.37
free car insurance quotes online$121.89
car insurance quotes online$116.14
insurance online car$113.76
free quote auto insurance$113.05
quick car insurance quote$108.63
get quote for car insurance$107.16
free quotes for car insurance$100.17
New Mexico
quote for car insurance$167.00
get auto insurance online$143.41
auto insurance rate quotes$126.85
texas car insurance$113.89
free auto insurance quotes$105.58
car insurance for young drivers$104.03
New York
car auto insurance quotes$161.25
rough insurance quote$146.70
local auto insurance companies$132.32
free insurance quotes online$122.06
quotes for auto insurance$114.07
quotes on auto insurance$113.96
multi car insurance$112.61
online quotes for car insurance$106.57
get quote for car insurance$100.79
North Carolina
quote auto insurance$166.95
auto cheap insurance$158.20
find auto insurance quotes$134.67
auto insurance quotes free$134.61
multi car insurance$124.98
quotes on auto insurance$122.27
get quote for car insurance$115.67
florida auto insurance$106.38
quick car insurance quote$104.80
free online car insurance quotes$104.77
auto insurance rates$101.94
car insurance rate quotes$100.17
texas car insurance$100.16
North Dakota
vintage car insurance$86.06
get car insurance quotes$83.80
online auto insurance$72.72
low car insurance quotes$244.20
car insurance quotes cheap$161.64
get quote for car insurance$151.12
car insurance compare$147.49
insurance quotes online auto$139.90
get auto insurance online$123.85
quote auto insurance$121.03
car insurance provider$119.12
florida auto insurance$117.20
auto insurance agency$117.17
lowest car insurance rates$105.97
short term car insurance$102.56
low auto insurance quotes$101.43
auto insurance online quotes$194.35
car insurance discounts$162.19
car insurance policy$141.82
free auto insurance quotes$140.56
car insurance quotes online$128.97
insurance quotes for cars$124.32
online car insurance companies$121.86
quote auto insurance$115.15
insurance quotes car$107.67
car insurance quick quote$107.57
auto owners insurance$101.98
quote for car insurance$101.05
online car insurance quotes$100.05
get car insurance online$128.09
california car insurance$127.24
get auto insurance$125.76
insurance providers$121.15
insurance auto quotes$100.91
buying auto insurance$100.89
online insurance quotes auto$147.36
free online car insurance quotes$137.94
car insurance price quote$127.73
florida auto insurance$117.14
auto car insurance$108.48
auto quote insurance$108.11
automobile insurance rates$103.28
Rhode Island
home and auto insurance quotes$79.38
get a quote on car insurance$77.68
auto insurance estimate$56.73
South Carolina
multiple auto insurance quotes$140.87
auto insurance company ratings$130.80
automotive insurance quotes$124.41
low auto insurance quotes$118.70
car insurance compare$117.12
florida auto insurance$116.42
purchase auto insurance online$106.06
get car insurance quotes$100.91
South Dakota
auto insurance quotes online$98.33
car insurance cost$87.40
compare auto insurance$78.04
insurance auto quotes$238.80
cheap auto insurance quotes online$177.49
insurance for auto$168.88
vehicle insurance companies$155.84
car insurance quotes cheap$148.58
car insurance rate quotes$144.34
instant auto insurance$137.02
online quotes for car insurance$121.74
vehicle insurance quotes online$113.64
local auto insurance companies$104.74
free online auto insurance quote$104.69
affordable car insurance quotes$100.17
auto insurance rate quotes$163.82
auto insurance car$157.13
online insurance quotes auto$139.73
best car insurance quotes$133.43
car and insurance$123.94
car insurance quick quote$123.34
insurance car quote$114.64
quotes for auto insurance$112.00
car insurance groups$109.11
cheap quotes car insurance$105.65
company car insurance$102.85
get a car insurance quote online$101.86
car insurance search$101.25
auto insurance policies$100.57
get a car insurance quote$100.90
insurance car quotes online$100.30
teen car insurance$195.39
cheap car insurance quotes online$151.35
online car insurance companies$147.16
car insurance quotes free$143.79
car insurance online quote$140.19
auto car insurance companies$138.83
auto insurance cost$121.54
quick car insurance quote$120.33
free online auto insurance quote$118.86
insurance quotes auto$117.24
free auto insurance quotes online$109.94
car insurance agent$109.45
cheap car insurance rates$102.45
get a quote car insurance$101.10
vehicle insurance companies$100.64
online quotes for auto insurance$228.34
auto insurance online$186.54
quotes on car insurance$162.01
best car insurance companies$146.34
free auto insurance quotes online$140.43
auto insurance quotes comparison$139.21
car insurance online$135.13
auto insurance comparison$123.82
comprehensive auto insurance$122.99
compare car insurance quotes$120.96
insurance car$116.44
auto insurance estimate$110.20
insurance quotes car$100.63
car insurance quotes online$100.90
insurance car insurance$179.04
cheapest car insurance rates$168.83
quote auto insurance$168.82
free online auto insurance quote$165.54
affordable car insurance quotes$147.66
quotes for auto insurance$123.49
motor car insurance$109.36
texas car insurance$158.05
insurance online quote$153.95
california auto insurance$137.79
compare auto insurance prices$109.94
instant auto insurance quote$106.32
new car insurance quote$102.69
compare auto insurance companies$102.42
West Virginia
online quotes for auto insurance$299.79
buy auto insurance online$272.33
free online auto insurance quote$209.89
buy car insurance$188.31
automotive insurance quotes$141.72
get insurance quotes$126.48
online car insurance quotes$114.39
car insurance quotes online$102.85
cars insurance quotes$100.39
auto insurance online$112.78
get car insurance online$100.66
online car insurance$143.12
best car insurance$136.95
insurance car quote$128.42
auto insurance online$121.96



That’s all folks; let me know your thoughts in comments

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