Nitty-Gritty of Content Marketing


It is every content writer’s dream to be read by maximum number of people. Hence, it becomes integral to search for effective content marketing strategies especially when your budget is no more than 0$. Promotion is highly recommended.

Sure, content quality matters a lot but spreading it online to make sure it connects with the target audience is no less important. Derek Halpern of Social Triggers for example, has an 80/20 split: 80 percent promotion, 20 percent writing!

So here we have compiled a simple yet comprehensive guide for you to apply the latest and most effective content marketing strategies.


Your First Ticket: Social Networks!

Starting on a personal level proves to be wise decision as digital marketers (and target audience) may get roped in to reading your content. There is a good chance of learning new skills by connecting with other content marketing experts. So where do we usually start with? Let’s walk through all the successful social networking apps beginning with the most common one.



Facebook probably doesn’t need much of an introduction-launched in 2004; the social network now is the largest social media platform with more than 2 billion monthly active users worldwide. Since, most Facebook users log into the site every day and engage with other users, brand and content marketing becomes one of the most attractive online channels, because it lets them utilize their rich user data to target very specific audiences.


A content writer should always be focused on the purpose of their ad/profile review/article. Generally, Facebook distinguishes three different kinds of objectives that follow the traditional user journey from awareness to conversion.


What objectives can I meet with my Facebook posts?

-Raising awareness: This includes local awareness to maximize reach.

-Spreading around a profile review


These are three examples and for these kinds of articles, Facebook is the best place to get peoples’ attention!



It’s wise to stick to multiple online platforms. There are thousands of professionals in LinkedIn who are waiting to get their hands and new valuable content that might be according to their websites’ or companies’ niche. Other than that, you are bound to learn more writing skills by studying others’ work.



Google + throws you right into the center of your network and gives you a huge platform for promoting and publishing your content (remember the 80% promotion and 20% creation part?) The internet giant has moved business listings from Google Places to Google+. Thus, this platform is uber-helpful!



I personally was never a fan of Twitter. It’s not that I dislike it, but I never needed it UNTIL I entered the content marketing business. All big names are on it and share ‘tweets’ with people they would like to connect with. It’s a super wide platform where one ‘tweet’ can be shared externally on Facebook for example.

One tweet by Trump is bound to reach billions of people till the next 10 minutes!



Question; what would you prefer more: a picture book, or a 2000 word guide full of technical stuff? The answer is probably both depending on your mood and the niche. This generation is psychologically proven to be highly fond of pictures and Pinterest makes great use of this simple trick! Thus, this social platform is paramount for content marketers.



Tumblr has been a dear friend of the human race since ages now and its number of users is still growing! This is the perfect place to connect with today’s youth.



You probably were waiting for me to mention it. Instagram is acting as stupendous competitor to Facebook as it is growing at a commendable rate! All the good stuff is now being shared there so just throw in your posts too!



Thanks to Vine stars, this app is now holds immense promotion potential! Taco bell for one is using Vine’s 6 second videos for extensive advancement!



There is more to Snapchat than taking cool selfies! It is constantly breaking records and has huge marketing potential! It’s all about audience and we all can say for sure that Snapchat is used by millions across the globe!


2) Say Hello to Book-marking Sites!


Book-marking sites have made our lives much easier! Similar to directories, all of them are not worthwhile so you have to pick the best. Your goal is to find sites with a massive number of users that are engaging 24/7. The most authentic names today are Stumble on, Reddit, Hacker News, Growth Hackers, Diggit, Bizz Sugar, Delicious, and Inbound.

If you become an active contributor, you will able to familiarize with how things work on a highly professional level. So before moving to the next section, let’s take a glance at some of these awesome book-marking sites!



It’s a little tricky but once you’ve got the hang of it, you can promote your work by reaching millions of viewers a day! It is based on an up vote/down vote system and has endless niche sub forums. It’s better make tons of friends here to learn clever audience building techniques here according to your specific niche.


Hacker news

This is quite similar to Reddit. The distinct quality of Hacker news is that this is especially for content marketing professionals. The pillars of this forum are basically a group of people who like to help each other out. Super cool, no?



People probably felt that they need more sites like Hacker news where content marketing experts and their ideas are connected. Inbound runs on the same ‘you’ve got my back and I’ve got yours’ principle.


Growth Hackers

This is a great place to find, share, and promote awesome new content. You’ve got to try this out as there are huge learning and growth opportunities for all kinds of niches you might have.


Give a Shot at Creating a Magazine Flipboard!

Creating a magazine Flipboard gives others a chance to promote your content and hence; sets you on the road to swift promotion!


3)  Paid Promotion (Not the expensive kind of course)

Recently I paid 15$ to a blogger to post a profile review I wrote on. Yes 15$ for a few clicks. The point is that everyone will try to make money off you to promote your content. The blogs might not prove to be as effective as well. So below are few strategies that are guaranteed to get the job done! No really, I mean it.


Facebook Ads

Some people just aren’t interested on reading about trendy stuff like Fifa or Game of Thrones. This is why you need a targeted audience in Facebook ads to make sure that people won’t just ‘click and close’ your post, but actually have fun reading it as well!

You may like to read Dennis Yu’s $1 a Day marketing technique


Promoted Tweets

Similar to Facebook ads, PR managers these days focus on ‘tweeting’ about things they want spread around. Promoted tweets are placed right in front of the relevant audience news feed and twitter can provide instant feedback to ensure that the target audience has been reached.


Try Blog Promotion Networks

Several networks exist just for people to interact and build up each other through promoting posts. Some cool names include Triberr, Social Buzz Club, and Viral Content Bee. You can also build your own blog post promotion network. Just tie together everyone in a Facebook group where they can interact, work and promote posts of variable niches. Easy!


Promote on StumbleUpon’s Paid Discovery Sources!

StumbleUpon works really well when it comes to promoting your new piece of content!  Make sure you select and eye-catching title and a super attractive image for your work so that the picky StumbleUpon users get intrigued enough to view it.


Don’t Forget Outbrain

This strategy is fun. Outbrain promotes content on other people’s content! This attracts a massive amount of traffic. The cost per click is relatively low too! There are similar services you might want to try your luck as well.





Reddit Ads

Not as powerful as Facebook ads but they still can get things moving. Reddit ads help reaching specific sub-Reddits that can grab the attention of your targeted audience.


4) Self-Promotion

This starts with establishing your own online presence. Some people strongly believe that there is little benefit to this. Yet it has been observed that a simple tweet or Facebook page gathers target audience like a flower attracts bees. This helps establish connections with people who might offer potential development opportunities and or alliance with your blog.

Over a year and a half ago, focus has been shifted towards Blog Outreach from guest post opportunities to syndication. This is super useful as you can post ideas that might seem tacky enough to post on a website yet. It may later be proven that your ideas were never tacky at all and might get promoted if enough appeal is created. To sum it up, outreach: –

  1. builds a new audience platform,
  2. provides great value and content for admirable websites,
  3. Set the basis for latter promotion through blogs (which consume more time and effort).

Now that we have some clarity, try applying these tactics given below to get the whole thing moving.


Keep Your Influencers Real Close

This is sneaky little trick. If you mention your influencers often, they will want to share your content on their websites. So, it’s wise to email them whenever you mention them in your posts. This makes everyone happy.


Reach out to Writers of Similar Niche

This will open gates to guest blogging and cross promotion. What is really cool is that there is fun kind of spider web created which connects their audience with yours and vice versa. This two-way emulsion sets both on the staircase to success!


Invite Guests

It’s true when they say that guests open the doors to a bunch of blessings! In this case, they bring new content, traffic and new clients! Super cool, no?


Mention Your Sources on Facebook and Twitter

Who doesn’t like getting mentioned? With just a click, your influencers can re-tweet the tags. Same case with twitter. They like sharing posts where they are mentioned and so the blogger and the influence face win-win situations!


Comment on other Influential Blogs

You probably see people doing this all the time on Facebook pages. This is an easy way to pass on links to your content and engage in positive discussions. If people like your comments, you will soon be recognized as a voice of expertise!


Start Building Your Mailing List

You don’t have to wait until you get a substantial amount of traffic. Start from the very beginning and watch as your seeds of developments turn into branches and roots! This way you become recognized in your circle and the word about you spreads too. So, make a list of contacts that love your work and email them frequently. Soon this list will become part of your monetization strategy!

Operating a mailing list isn’t that expensive at the initial stage. There is Mailchimp and Aweber to make this job easy. Services like Mailchimp allow you to have 2000 subscribers with up to 12,000 emails for free while services like Aweber allow 500 subscribers with unlimited emails for 19$ per month.


Publish a Press Release

Press release is a great content marketing strategy to share and promote your content online. There are many official sites that do this for free.


Message Influencers on LinkedIn

Having a LinkedIn account is uber-helpful when you don’t have the exact email addresses needed. LinkedIn allows you to reach 3rd connections without any complications or delay.


Befriend a Journalist

These people are always looking for hot new stories. They have a vast circle a well and their connections can promote you too. You simply need to exchange work. As a content writer, you find new gigs and they find cool new writers for their blogs and stuff. Works like a charm.



This is a forum where journalists hang out. HARO or Help a Reporter Out place journalists’ needs right in front of you. That’s when you can start forming some solid bonds with journalists that like your work.


Encourage Commenters

Your blog/website probably has a comment section. Encourage it! The more people comment, the more people will learn about your posts and share them too!


5) Repurpose Your Content

It’s like trying to make your content the star of the show. If it’s talked about much, word is bound to spread. So, one of the ways to work with repurposing is to snatch snippets and excerpts and re posts them to places like Quora and LinkedIn which have their own publishing tools. For example: –


Create an Infographic

Sites like and are the best choices to do so. They are comprehensive and present neat packages of information in a compressed space!

An infographic is a visual representation of data. As mentioned before, these are quite trendy and super useful in content marketing. These can be used to explore relations between different content, promote through social media and share externally to your key influencers!


Turn Content into a Slide Deck on SlideShare

Slideshows are digestible and hence are growing a trendy marketing tool! I mean, why not? They hit major points and work well in wrapping the audiences’ mind around the whole concept. You can even revive old posts (that are too long) this way!


Share Creative Videos

It’s clever to follow the trends to keep things fun. Videos attract millions from the target audiences and potential writers/bloggers from your niche too. Many people aren’t into reading nowadays anyways.


Rotate Fun Animations

Try animating your own blog posts by using Animoto or Go animate. Your P.R and social media managers would simply love making and rotating these!


6) Internal Promotion

Your training and experience till now probably has taught you a lot including SEO and WordPress.


Submit Your Blog to Search Engines

We recommend using a plugin called Yoast Seo. One of the cool features of Yoast Seo is that it allows you to create a site map for your blog. This can be used to submit your blog to search engines through Google Websmaster Tools (for Google) and Bing Webmaster Tools (for Bing and Yahoo).


Link with Your Most Popular Posts

This is a great content marketing strategy. By linking your latest post with your most popular one, authenticity increases and hence more traffic comes rushing in! So, try linking your posts as a habit.


Make a Series of  Posts

Everyone likes to compile their work. This is similar to linking however the difference comes with the latest styles. The readers should be aware that you are sharing new content with the most contemporary news each day! This works great in increasing the amount of subscribers!


Improve Your Headlines!

People buy things which come in pretty packages. Your headlines are your packages and so it becomes paramount to make them fun and catchy. Try adding puns as well for our youth. This will ensure that readers would ‘click’ and hopefully ‘read’. Try CoSchedule


Increase Your Word Count

Google is adding more 2000 words+ articles high up in the search engine. Thus, try pushing your limits as much as you can while maintaining the quality of your content. Quality and quantity go side by side. But remember, 20% focus should be on writing the content and 80% on promoting it.


Focus on the Small Stuff Too

By small stuff, I mean micro-sites. Use your mini-networks to your advantage. If there is a substantial amount of daily traffic at one site, direct towards smaller ones to reveal the less exposed stuff.


7) Selecting an Effective Strategy

There are just too many options! Whether you use one or some, the list we have provided you below will slingshot you towards the right direction! Most of us see content marketing as blogging, whereas there are many more strategies that come under this label.



You probably have either sent your content to one before. Or perhaps you have one of your own. This is the simplest content marketing technique for minors and the blogs are super effective form of content promotion.



Now here is a less common name. These are usually referred to as ‘email marketing campaigns’. The distinct quality of these e-newsletters is that you can readily connect with subscribers, clients, journalists and other kinds of audience. The focus is majorly about industry news and descriptions which are linked with your website.



A white paper is a topic report/ series of report that can vary in length. They can be form 5-15 pages long and are commonly used for topics that require extensive explanation like food safety. Technical views on certain topics can be given.



Articles are the useful and dynamic kind if content marketing. They vary in length and are relatively easy to produce. Moreover, these are more digestible for readers who can get bored by reading long white-papers for example.



The name is self-explanatory. An e-book is a white paper that has been extended and organized properly into sections. These can be of more than 100 pages according to subject matter. The best part is that these are downloadable and hence loved by tablet and smartphone users!



A testimonial comes from the same family as case studies. Positive customer reviews can be used to boost the blog’s/website’s name! They work best when they are authentic and come from reliable sources.


Digital Magazine

These are like PDFs but a more expanded version of them. These are commonly distributed through email and work great in keeping your subscribers engaged with your content!


You’ve made it!

So, we have ventured through the path all content marketing strategies walk through to reach maximum audience and excel in their writing career. Applying these tactics might seem tricky at the beginning, but you will get used to it as you climb the staircase of success!


Good luck!

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