In digital Advertising, it’s very important that you not only reach to the right audience but at the right place. This is, perhaps one of the important factors which make digital media much more profitable than traditional. It ensures that your ads appear in the areas you serve.

But that’s not it. There is more, there is always more…

In today’s’ world, especially in the growing world of mobile, you have to do something more. People are more likely to “buy” from you if your ads is tailored to their location. Spend wisely, especially when you are on limited budget.
Even if your business is nationwide or worldwide, think about it. Think about the budget you have and how and where should you spend to get maximum ROI. Should you target an entire country or state will do? Or you should target city or cities, zip codes, airports, neighborhoods, or specific radius around your business location will be best for you?
To develop a better targeting strategy, you first have to figure out a potential reach in any given area and then next you may want to have visuals of that area on map to have a better understanding of where your ads are going to appear especially when targeting smaller areas like zip codes, neighborhoods, congressional districts etc.
To do this effectively, I have developed an interactive tool with map which not only shows you potential reach in any given area but also visualize it on a map in real time.

Here are few of the interesting stats I found during my research that might worth mentioning.

Top 10 Most Potential Countries

adwords reach by country

United States is the most potential country in terms of Reach followed by Germany & India as second and third most potential countries respectively.

Total potential reach in US is 5.5bn, worldwide it’s 13bn, however, I’m quite not sure how this was calculated.

I asked AdWords team about it and they said it’s Search & Display Network combined.

Can someone help me understand?

Top 10 Most Potential Target Types

This is obvious that cities & postal codes will have maximum reach because they are more in numbers.

adwords reach by target type

Count of Target Types in Top 10 Countries

Theses are total numbers of areas you can target in AdWords. For example, Cities, Zip codes, states, counties etc. combined in any given country.

count of target type in adwords

It may show that how well the countries are structured or how well Google understand them.

Did you notice that India isn’t in this list even though it is third most potential countries in terms of Reach? It may be because their structure allows Google to target only bigger units like states and cities, not many zip codes, counties etc.

Looking at the population of India, I’m sure it would have made to the top of this list if its cities are structured more deeply like counties, zip codes or Google knows about them.

In future, I think countries would have to think about it so that advertisers and publishers have more control of where they show ads and reach their targeted audience at the right place.

How about an API from Governments to help tech and other companies in such matters?

Here is a tool by the way…

AdWords Reach Tool

You are techies so I’m not going to tell how to use this tool. There are few things though that might help you explore better.

If you hover your mouse over a bubble in map, you’ll get a name and “Reach” in that specific area.

hove over a bubble on map


You can go full screen with any feature in this tool by clicking the icon in red circle in the image below…

microsoft power bi full screen


If you select United States, City & Aberdeen and find out that countries list is now showing 3 different countries instead of United States, it means, there are city named Aberdeen in these 3 countries.power bi features


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If you find any mistake, let me know in comments so I can fix it. I’m not Expert in Microsoft Power BI and just starting with it, this is my first try, appreciate it pals!


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