AdWords editor is Google’s free offline tool to complete AdWords tasks at scale. The newest version out there is 11.4.2 as of today. In case, you want to download, here is a download link.


I have been using it for years and I noticed few bugs and other issues that need to be addressed immediately.


By the way, I wonder how Google never noticed and fixed them since several months. I always thought they’ll be addressed in next update but it’s not happening. So here I am trying to get them fixed to make it even better and more user friendly.


Below are some bugs, usability issues, and suggestions to make this thing more wonderful.


1. Problem Downloading Performance Statistics


This problem appeared with AdWords Editor 11, when I first installed it everything went fine except when I tried to download stats for impressions, clicks, CTR, conversions etc.


I was unable to download stats as you can see below in the image that “OK” button isn’t live yet even though I have selected campaigns, date range and stats of our choice. Anyone will precept that he/she is missing something or doing it in a wrong way.


Editor also doesn’t show any alert or error message on this window.


performance statistics problem


So the next thing we do is run to Google and search for a similar query to find the answer but voila no relevant solution is out there (at least on first page). One then check the official Google view performance statistics page and there is nothing too about this problem.


This issue was properly discussed and addressed in the AdWords community forums but one would have to take a long journey to find the solution there and not everyone would simply go there in case they face this problem.


Cause: One would face this problem if system’s date format doesn’t match with the AdWords interface.


Solution: Your system’s date must be in (MM/DD/YYYY) or (dd/MM/yyyy) format in order to download statistics in AdWords Editor.


So either download statistics should be available in any date format or there should be at least an alert or something when someone is downloading with different date format. I am not quite sure what other date formats work with AdWords editor.


2. Negative Keyword Search Conflict with Campaign Name


There is another issue I would call as a ‘bug’. It deals with the search functionality when we are in Negative keywords tab from left menu in AdWords editor.


“If we search for any word that is also a part of a campaign name, Editor won’t do anything.”


For example; one campaign name is “Wedding Gowns” and I just want to make sure if ‘gown or gowns’ words not added into negatives by mistake. I make a search in editor’s search bar but because Gowns is a part of campaign name, editor will keep showing all negative keywords added to the campaign.


So either I have to check each keyword manually or I need to wait to upload my campaigns and then check for keywords conflict alerts in AdWords web interface.


Negative Keywords in Editor


3. Height is an Issue Here


I am not sure if I named it correctly, the edit section, where we spend our most of the time in AdWords editor making changes in settings, writing/editing ads etc.

This is more a usability issue than an error or a bug.

Fix Height in Editor


As you can see if we click on any campaign name and look at edit section, there are few bottom rows hidden and in order to access them, either I need to drag this section up or scroll it down from right side bar. Even if I drag it up and fix it at my desire height, it will go back to its “by default” position if I click on any other tab and return there afterwards.


In my humble opinion, this portion should be completely visible by default.


4. Max. CPC is Miles Away


Here is another usability issue which can improve user experience and increase speed of editing keywords and their bids.


If we add a new keyword and press a Tab button on keyboard, it takes us to select Match type which is of course the next thing we do after adding a keyword but another tab takes us to Destination URL—who gives a destination URL at keywords level? Very rare.


After selecting keywords match type, the next thing we usually do is setting bids. Max. CPC is the thing we may can set differently for even each keyword in the account.


So the second Tab should take to Max. CPC box. Currently, it takes 8 tabs to reach to Max. CPC input box after adding a new keyword so we have to take help from a mouse to do it quickly.


Keywords Editing in Editor


5. Hard to Kill Search Query


If we type anything in search bar there is no way (as far as I know) to remove that query from there without using mouse. If there are multiple queries to search in editor, we will be dancing between keyboard and mouse and extra time will be consumed.


Even though I am using Editor for very long time but I still try to remove the search query by pressing back space button. Search habits, you know!


I think back space button should remove the search word from Editor’s search bar.


 6. Symbols Feature


This is a suggestion not a bug or complaint. Every time we need to add any currency or other symbol in ad copy not available on keyword, we have to look elsewhere. So it will be real cool if there are built-in symbols in AdWords editor’s interface where we can add them by a simple click.


There are many commonly used symbols we use almost daily in the Ad copies like ™, ®, ©, £, € etc.


7. Closing the “Replace Text” Pop-up Window


Another issue that needs to be fixed in my point of view is use of mouse in closing the pop-up window after we use replace text functionality. It looks like a new problem in the recent versions because I used to press enter to complete the task and when ‘close’ window opens I used to hit another enter to close it but now it doesn’t work.


Replace Text in Editor


It will be so nice of AdWords Editor’s team if we could just close this window by pressing enter and don’t have to use mouse to do it.


8. Keywords Matching Problem


This is not Editor’s related problem but if somehow this post manage to reach AdWords team, I want them to know about this issue. I am working in automotive industry since long time. I usually create separate Adgroups for ‘Recon’ and ‘Reconditioned’.


In Recon Adgroup, I add [reconditioned] as exact match negative keyword and in ‘Reconditioned’ Adgroup I add [recon] as exact match negative keyword. By principle, Recon Adgroup should only trigger keywords where user types recon word not ‘reconditioned’ and same is the case with Reconditioned Adgroup but totally opposite happens here.


When I read search term report, majority of the keywords which triggered ads in ‘Recon’ Adgroup contains full word reconditioned and in ‘Reconditioned’ Adgroup majority of the keywords contains short form, ‘recon’.


In simple words, actual search query entered by a user to find our ad, contains the same keyword I added as exact match negative in both Adgroups.


If this is happening with these two terms, there is a strong possibility that there are other terms too.


This is my very tiny contribution to make AdWords Editor more Awesome!

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