The Best SEO Strategies to Kick Start Your Campaign


Best SEO StrategiesSEO is rapidly changing field where it’s becoming difficult to cope with all penguin and panda updates. More and more sites are losing rankings and traffic because of these updates and trying to overcome the problems but it’s still unsure what caused them penalty. While it’s being researches and tested by pros below are some best SEO strategies that still work very well and of course Google Panda and Penguin safe SEO Strategies.

While there are some most advanced SEO techniques as well but we are focusing here to kick-start your campaign with some basic SEO Strategies so you don’t start it a wrong way.

1 – The Content That Is User-Friendly:

The first strategy to go for while practicing SEO is the content which should be user friendly. When we talk about it being user friendly means the content must contain the information that is optimized for Google yet it is catchy and friendly enough to grab the attention of its readers. Most of practitioners take SEO as piece of cake but in reality it isn’t as the recently launched updates from Google (Penguin and Panda) has made Blackhat practitioners think a lot about. Furthermore, if the content writers don’t provide sites with high quality content, they will face some real damage to their site rankings. So you see that top quality content is placed on priority one.

2 – Comprehensive Keyword Research:

On priority list the comprehensive keyword research comes second. Quality content cannot be written if the keywords are not the right ones. It won’t be exaggeration if i say that a quality content base thoroughly upon the best keywords. Bear in mind though, having high quality keywords require very intelligent marketing research. It is also of sheer importance you find the right keywords that would not just only bring your website value and page ranking and views but also relevancy to the content. It is also important to know that when people find your website against any given keyword, they are satisfied with what they got.

3 – Speed of Your Site:

Speed of your website is one among many criteria that Google gives importance to while ranking, it’s not that very important though. But what needs to be considered while practicing SEO is that every single aspect has its own weight, so those sites not paying much attention to it would be troubled at some level. So it’s always a better thing to have your site optimized for the speed too.

4 – Submission of Sitemap to Google:

Though it is not utterly necessary to submit the sitemap but like any other itty bitty things we use to grow the ranking, submission would be a good one. It will help Google to index your site structure pretty easily which consequently will lead to somehow faster ranking of your site.

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Umer Mahasin is Founder & CEO of Digitalmization. He Holds multiple certificates and diplomas from Google and other reputable institutes around the world in the field of Digital Marketing.

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