Internal Linking is an Effective On-Page SEO Technique


SEO is ever varying and growing, so it is very important to keep up the websites with optimization trends and techniques because the effort may smack your ranking just enough to move into top ten results of first page. There are many advanced SEO techniques that help to get the most amazing audience and randomly traffic coming from different kinds of places like social media and referrals. One of those advanced SEO techniques is Internal Linking that will let you know that how can you survive in the core of Search engine optimization.

Pre-Launch SEO Steps:

For this purpose you should have

  • the best content ever in the world
  • test your site before launching
  • use crawl-able Ajax
  • block potentially spiteful and harmful links from the site
  • fix HTTPS replica content errors

Basic SEO Steps:

Meta tags also give search spiders that tell what the page is about and it plays an imperative role in search results as well as users click-through. Search engines sometimes use the summery to show in search results pages (SERPs) and highlights keywords related with search query. The maximum length of Meta description is between 150-160 characters and it should contain keywords that are relevant to the title tag and its content. Normally, each page should be optimized approximately one main key phrase which should be included in the title tag, Meta description, and content of your site.

internal linking structure

Internal Linking:

Internal Linking is also a great and advanced SEO technique that will let the search engine robots and crawlers to find the way of your website pages. If the pages of your websites are properly indexed in search engines then it is a great chance to get the huge traffic towards the websites. Search engine optimization is growing fast and changing day by day that’s why a little bit effect of ranking let you fast and responsive sites.

Find Your Deep Level Pages:

According to Google, it is recommended that your most important pages are one click away from home page but it’s not possible if you have hundreds of thousands of pages and of-course the are as important as others. First of all, use some tool like ScreamingFrog to find out the deeper level pages and then link them from other pages or within the blog post. It will bring those page up and they’ll be just one click away.

Build Your Site Navigation:

It is highly recommended to have a blog on your website. It won’t only help you add value to your site but also you can link your website pages and other blog posts. Whenever you write a post, link your page/post relevant to the content of the article. It will help Google understand your site navigation and anchor texts associated with them.

The above Internal Linking technique will extensively improve your websites online visibility and this is not a limit of Search Engine Optimization that can be done to a website. A website may get more traffic by applying these advanced tricks because SEO is the art of getting traffic to your website by optimizing the on-page content as well as off-page links. If you are not doing above these criteria then without delaying of time you should have to start building a list. There is no doubt the advanced techniques of SEO will boost of your site to search engine.  So a Good SEO Company will always focus on onsite SEO first than anything else.

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Umer Mahasin is Founder & CEO of Digitalmization. He Holds multiple certificates and diplomas from Google and other reputable institutes around the world in the field of Digital Marketing.

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