Ingredients of Digital Marketing

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To create a successful Digital Marketing Campaign you need vision and plan. To create a better plan you need to know the Digital Marketing and its components in depth. All of these strategies work very fine separately or altogether. But if you are building a Digital marketing structure for any business you may not want to miss even a one of them. Let’s have a look what is Digital Marketing mix.

Digital Marketing Structure

1.     Organic Search:

Organic or natural search means getting right customers to your website through Search engines natural result pages whenever someone search for the keywords relevant to your website. To bring your site up in search results and improve visibility of your website in organic search, there is technique called “Search Engine Optimization (SEO)”. You may want to read more about what is SEO.

[ideabox]Best when you have limited budget, want long term results and not in a rush to get immediate sales.[/ideabox]

2.     Paid Search:

You can use different advertising platforms to kick-start your online business with paid ads. Get found on search result pages by displaying your ads relevant to user’s search query so you only get targeted customers already interested in your product or service. You can start with Google AdWords or Microsoft Adcenter.

[ideabox]Best when you want immediate customers and have budget for online advertising.[/ideabox]

3.     Social Media Marketing:

There is a huge opportunity to target your customers on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Google+ etc. You can build your own community of users talking about your business with their friends and family. Social Media Marketing is slightly different as it works as PR building, Customer service for your business and direct conversation with your customers so marketing strategy should be different here.

[ideabox]Best when you want to create huge fan base, want long term brand exposure with no extra expense.[/ideabox]

4.     Local Online Marketing:

Google is going more localized day by day so this is very important to focus this very important part of your digital marketing campaign. You wouldn’t like to get sales from thousands of miles away but customers living next door don’t know about you, isn’t it? Make sure to create your local listings in Google Places, Bing local and create more citations important for your business.

[ideabox]Best when you want to bring local customers to your business location.[/ideabox]

 5.     Email Marketing:

You won’t like to struggle for new customers every time you have a new offer at your business, right? Simply gather email address of your visitor once landed on your site by offering them something valuable like discounts, whitepapers, downloads, information etc. Once you have large database of targeted emails, they are just one click away and you can communicate with them about anything. They have shown interest in your business by subscribing to your newsletter so you can send them new offers once they become available at your site.

[ideabox]Best when you want old customer to regularly check back for new offers.[/ideabox]

6.     Affiliate Marketing:

Affiliate marketing could be very effective for your business. There are hundreds of thousands of people looking to sell your products/services to make some commissions. You need to offer them some attractive commission and trusted affiliate marketing platform to track their progress like Commission Junction or Clickbank. They’ll do the rest of the work for you and start selling your products/services.

[ideabox]Best when you want others to generate revenue for your business.[/ideabox]

7.     Mobile Marketing:

Mobile advertising is relatively new addition to Digital Marketing Mix. With the evolution of Mobile phones and gadgets, people tends to use them more and more so the advertising need arises on this platform too. Now you are leaving out huge potential customers if you are not targeting them on their mobile devices. People are using them to search information, find local stores, Restaurants, businesses and service providers. Mobile marketing when mixed with Local online advertising can bring you huge business.

[ideabox]Best when you want to receive direct call from potential customer or bring them to your business location.[/ideabox]

Umer Mahasin is Founder & CEO of Digitalmization. He Holds multiple certificates and diplomas from Google and other reputable institutes around the world in the field of Digital Marketing.

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