Advanced SEO Techniques That Would Get You Going On In 2013

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It is pretty evident to everyone who is related to web that in these days the internet technology is progressing at a rapid pace, which subsequently, requires the web services to be developed accordingly. Each and every day, hundreds of thousands of websites are emerging on internet as it has developed into a multibillion dollar market with everyone hoping to get a piece of their share. Thus the internet marketing has become very influential branch of online business. To draw new customers and drive the traffic to one’s site, various advanced seo techniquesinternet marketing techniques are practiced and are known as Search Engine Optimization. As Google is the key player in search engines so everyone is trying to use the SEO tips that Google would prefer. Let’s have a look at what they would be. Below are some Advanced SEO Techniques to help you get going in 2013.

1 – Brilliantly Designed Infographics:

The first tip to go for while practicing SEO is the use of infographics. These SEO techniques are widely in use for quite some time and gaining some extraordinary popularity among the users of internet and the readers. The best thing about infographics is that it enables the readers to get tons of information in simple and yet elegantly designed visual format instead of creepy textual form. Another is that pictures are easier to remember than text thus it is assumed that readers would share them in high numbers if they ought to like it. The best of it is if it goes viral, you’ll get an amazing increase in traffic and hopefully good backlinks too.

2 – Guest Blogging Will Help Manifold:

On this list the guest blogging comes second. No doubt that the infographics are popular but that doesn’t mean that guest blogging is anything less. It is very important to have a blog on your website which will be serving great a many purposes including providing original, fresh and relevant content to the readers. It is quite possible that the guest writer might be one of your audiences, so help them share their thoughts and experiences and let them subscribe to the comments also. There is a strong possibility that they might write for your other sites or blogs if you have any.

3 – Acquire Maximum Social Signals:

Social signals are playing a vital role in the SEO field. When someone links your website to their social networking profile, it sends a social signal to the search engine which fortunately is weighing pretty fat in these days. When someone sees your content being shared by so many people across various social networks, they get the impression that the content is worth reading and highly relevant. To your visitors and readers, this also is a proof in itself that you have the authority over the subject, so acquiring maximum social signals would get you high ranks.

4 – Paid Directories:

Use of paid directories is also one good practice which pays off real well if used correctly. So what you need to look for is whether that directory is ranking well in the SERP’s? Frequency of site crawl, how many direct links they sell, what’s the quality ratio and whether they have unique content or not. If all of these elements are taken into consideration, it is assumed that the paid directories would serve their purpose well. Some good names are Yahoo Directory, Best of the Web etc. DMOZ is another great name but its free, however, you’ll be lucky if you get listed there.

The above Advanced SEO Techniques will definitely help you with your SEO campaigns if done properly.

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Umer Mahasin is Founder & CEO of Digitalmization. He Holds multiple certificates and diplomas from Google and other reputable institutes around the world in the field of Digital Marketing.

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